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Your attitude towards philosophy is; don't expose your belly by
showing that you have opinions, just keep producing questions
and funny names. Magnus says that you can't follow the at path
forever and I agree. Of course philosophy is about finding truths -
or models - that agrees with experience. Cavemen's experience
sedimented cavemen's truth. The Greek experience produced a new model
of reality, but now at the turn of the third millennium this truth
that Pirsig calls subject/object metaphysics don't cover OUR reality.

If you don't see any problems or feel a need for finding answers that
satisfies you - boy, do I envy you; at 23 I would have given
anything for being ironic and just surfing along, but no
way, I was preoccupied with the inconsistencies and silliness of the
alternatives presented. Most of us have come to Pirsig because for
the first time -within our time horizon - there has appeared a person
that exposes the producer of the ills and dissatisfactions. You see
it as a favourite pastime from our side to expose SOM and it is!. It
is what must be done first; then apply the quality alternative.

I have been patient with you, your style charmed me and you admittance
of your dyslexia endeared me greatly, but of late your postings
reminds me of what has given philosophy it's bad reputation; An
outdated reality model idling away, turning out quaintly twists to old
questions. As with Struan I wonder what brought you here. The
fact that you don't see or care to understand what Pirsig proposes is
no great surprise, our task is to free us from the sticky SOM
dialectics web, not to get tangeled in it.

What brought us together here is that we want to discuss the
SOM inconsistencies that Pirsig brought out into the open, and probe
the possibilities that his Quality tool opens up. If other
philosophers are introduced, it must be their angle to the same
problems. Hegel or whoever there are shelfmiles of books about, but
only these two volumes on Quality. If you and Struan want to play the
whatever-you-say-I -can-say-"no"-to, go create your own
filibuster-philosophologic site.

Even if you have problems reading, spend some time on it and
consider it thoroughly, before you throw yourself at the keyboard.
Yours sincerely

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