LS PROGRAM Explain the subject-object metaphysics

Diana McPartlin (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:53:53 +0100

PROGRAM Explain the subject-object metaphysics

"His problems begin with his polemics. He keeps attacking something
called "subject-object metaphysics"."

- Galen Strawson

What exactly does Pirsig mean by the subject-object metaphysics? Is it
just a linguistic convenience - in any sentence there is a subject and
object. Is it the knower and the known, a Cartesian "I", a ghost in the
machine, spirit vs substance? Or is it the intellectual level and the
social level versus the biological and inorganic? Or is it all of these
things, or none?

The first objective of the Lila Squad is to establish what Pirsig said.
Can we please come up with some kind of definition, description or
explanation of the subject-object metaphysics.



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