LS Re: Explain the subject-object metaphysics

Tommy Sülla og Gunn Era (
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 05:32:57 +0100

Diana, thank you for making space for us with
fainter voices, us who have more questions than

I have a feeling that in a S-O world, mind is equal
to conscious mind, a mind that sees only objects
and other subjects surrounding its own subject.
If we accept subliminal perception, we will have to
have a broader view on mind. For instance, as Tor
Nörretranders suggests, we are a "ME" that percepts
and throws away superfluous information and
presents the vital information for the "I". "I" being
the conscious mind that does not have enough
bandwidth to process all information we receive
through our senses.

So if "I" is analog to static quality and "ME" is analog
dynamic quality, does that mean that Quality, being
in front of perception, is analog to our soul, the patterns
that makes me the special one that I am?

And is it so that S-O thinking is typical for the Western
civilsation only?

Answers and thoughts are welcomed.


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