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Diana and Squad,
  All life that I am aware of is encased in a protective coating or
of some sort which they must defend to maintain life. The very fact of
being in an adversarial position with other forms of life plus the
environment dictates a subject-object mode of thinking. Therefore, I
believe that the SO mode of thinking is an inbred requirement imposed on
living entities due to the requirements of life. This line of thought
extends to the biospshere because it is also contained in a protective
coating which it must maintain in order to remain viable.
  The biosphere is a living system that was brought into being and is
maintained by life. There is some redundancy but there is a minimum
requirement necessary to keep the biosphere viable.
  In general I think that Pirsig has come up with a philosophy that
many, if not most, of the questions left hanging by previous
I think that the Metaphysics of Quality is a good and satisfying way of
understanding our situation in the universe.
  Having said this, I feel that he has looked too closely at the
human situation from too narrow a viewpoint which has caused him to
overlook some of the problems faced by humanity as it contemplates its
proper course of action in the universe. I think that any philosophical
system that does not take into account our responsibilities that are
imposed on us by sentience and the ability to reason is incomplete. It
for this reason that I think that there are some problems within the
static patterns of value that need to be resolved. I think that most of
squad either consciously or subconsciously realizes this and that is why
are having so much trouble trying to explain away or fitting the SO into
our concept of the Metaphysics of Quality.
  I don't fully understand what Bodvar means when he says that SOM is
intellect of the MOQ, however, I think that he is on the right track. I
think that we may as well admit that Subject Object thinking is here to
stay and try to make a place for it within the MOQ framework. I,
personally, don't have a problem with SOM. I think that it is a pattern
imposed on us by evolution and that we will never eliminate it. I don't
think we should. I think that it can fit seamlessly into the MOQ. It
just take a small shift in emphasis within the four static patterns of
value. In my mind the only thing we need to do is to recognize that the
sustainer of everything that happens on earth is the result of the thin
film of biota and the envelope of gases that make all else possible and
that was built up and is maintained by life. If we do this then SO
can be a necessity and will fit smoothly into the Metaphysics of
  It may not have been the intention of Pirsig but I get the impression
from reading Lila that no thought was given to the larger picture of the
function of life within the physical operation of the universe and
particularly the earth's biosphere.
  Again, I think that any philosophy that fails to consider our true
in the evolution of the universe and the earth is incomplete. Ken

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