LS News, 22 April 98

Diana McPartlin (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 15:10:08 +0100

Hi squad

Things are still a bit iffy, but I've had more positive feedback than
negative about Plan B, so I think we'll keep on trooping.

The now-established Lila Squad committee is:

Magnus Berg,
Ken Clark,
Keith Gillette,
Maggie Hettinger,
Diana McPartlin,
Bodvar Skutvik,

If you want to discuss anything about the running of the squad please
contact me or one of others (especially Ken because he doesn't get
enough email).

For the benefit of our new subscribers the current Lila Squad topic is
"Explain the subject-object metaphysics". You can find all the posts on
this topic so far on

Not sure that we've actually achieved anything but if anyone wants to
have a go at summing it all up and coming to a conclusion please go

Be good


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