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Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:45:58 +0100

Calling all Squad.
Recently an aspect of my understanding of the so-called
subject-object metaphysics has surfaced. My thesis has always
been that the events described in the last part of ZMM (page 366
onwards in the Corgi paperback. "But now, as a result of the growing
impartiality of the Greeks to the world around them, there was an
increasing power of abstraction..etc.) was the birth of
subject-object metaphysics. I still think so, but the term SOM is not
used in ZMM at all, the said shift is merely represented as the
emergence of the idea of truth as different from opinion. Lila on the
other hand starts with subject- object metaphysics as our present
outlook without specifying its origin. Either this is so obvious that
Pirsig did not care to mention it specifically or I have taken a
short cut? I will not plead any case for my view, but just ask your
opinion on this matter.

Looking forward to responses.


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