LS Re: Explain the subject-object metaphysics

Brett Wood (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 04:16:17 +0100

Since this is my first post, let me introduce myself: I'm a 24 year old
male graduate student in aerospace
engineering at the University of Illinois. I read ZMM several years ago
the recommendation of my
roommate, and I just discovered Lila recently (in fact, I only finished
reading it a few days ago). I'm
looking forward to participating in the email discussions.

Now, on to the intriguing question which Diana posed:

>So I guess the question is, is the SOM the dualism of self and not-self,
>or is it just any and all dualism?

I definitely have to go with "self and not-self" here. First of all,
dualism in general seems to refer to any way of theoretically dividing
reality into two components, such as chaos vs. order, good vs. evil, and
so on. Subject vs. object is just another way of dividing it. Now, at
first I thought self vs. not-self was simply a subset of SO dualism, but
as I thought more, I realized I couldn't come up with a form of SO
dualism which was not fundamentally self vs. not-self. The idea, of
course, is that the self can observe and understand the not-self if it
tries hard enough; the underlying philosophy of all science.

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