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Maggie wrote:

Any event that operates from its highest point and includes all lower
levels in the (e)valuative function would be more moral than one that
does not go all the way down. And in that context, (being aware all
the way down) the interaction that operates at the highest level would
be most moral

Clark wrote:

Maggie, please don't write off Pirsig just when you are beginning to ask
the questions that may lead to our greater enlightenment.
  I think Pirsig was wrestling with a concept that was clear to him, but
remember, he had one shot to get his ideas across. He did not have
anyone else to argue with as we do. If we amend his statement and make
it (paraphrased); the highest level of the four SPoVs is ALWAYS more
moral than the lower levels then it comes across as nonsense in my mind.
If we take what he actually said (again paraphrased) and say that the
highest level of the four SPoVs is more moral PROVIDED THAT IT DOES NOT
makes sense.
  This latter reading makes the whole of the physical and ethical
universe interdependent.
  Our discussions on the squad sometimes stray so far from his original
interpretation of Quality, and its offshoots, DQ and SQ, that ethics
gets lost in the verbal dust.
  Diana, I am going to do this for myself but I think it would be
helpful to do it somewhere as a group. That is, to go through Lila, main
idea by main idea as they are introduced and try to reach agreement on
the thrust of Pirsig's ideas. We tend to pick out bits to support our
current concepts which many times results in mangling Pirsig's original
  The MOQ is an all enveloping concept that deserves our best efforts.
In my opinion we have not done this up to now.
  Stick with us Maggie. I think you are raising good questions. Ken

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