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Hi squad

Well time out for the Dynamic-static split I guess. If you want to make
a final stand on it send something before Monday and I'll put it
through. As I said before it would be nice to have some essay-answers to
this debate (and the SOM debate) for latching purposes. Nobody's
actually sent one yet though I understand that a few members are working
on them. Please send these directly to me and I'll put them on the

If you want to continue on the D/S split please post to
news:sci.philosophy.meta. It might also be worth dropping a note to the
person you're replying to just to let them know you've put an answer

Our next debate is on the four levels and I'll send out a program post
for that shortly. And another reminder to look at Maggie and Glove's
pages which both deal with the levels.

(Unfortunately Maggie's URL was incorrect in the last newsletter, but
this one is definitely right!) And don't forget Mark Lencho's essay "Who
are you and what should you do", for a rough guide to the static levels
and their moral implications.

We've had a lot of new subscribers in the past two weeks (bios on but we've yet to hear from most
of them. I know it's difficult to join in a conversation that seems to
have been going on for months. However with the new topic -- the four
levels -- we will be starting from scratch and I hope you'll see this as
an opportunity to jump into the fray.

In response to numerous requests we finally have an archive of posts
online. This is searchable and goes back to the beginning of the squad.
Thanks to Magnus for creating this invaluable resource.

We have two excellent new essays in the forum: Sojourner on the giants
of social patterns and new member Lorenz Gude on the Dharmakya light:

Andrew has been urging us all to read Ken Wilber for insights into
Dynamic and static value and he recommends the following websites for
further reading:

The World of Ken Wilber
This is a page dedicated to Wilber by Frank Visser, who translates
Wilber's work into Dutch.He actually visited Ken, and has audio clips on
his site that are an interesting twist.

The PL Ken Wilber site
A nice site, not exactly up to the minute, but still rich in material.

Ken Wilber Online
Ken's publisher, Shambhala, has this site for him, advertising both
books and thought. Some good exclusive interviews, etc.

For those interested in AI and the MoQ Jonathan recommends this site:

Human and Machine dignity
Rosalind Picard, author of the book, ``Affective Computing'' describes
how computers can be given certain emotional abilities, how emotions can
be regarded as an integral and essential part of human rationality. This
idea comes very close to the "coherence of romantic and classical
understanding" a core idea in Robert Pirsig's philosophy.

If anyone else has links or articles which they think would be
interesting to the squad please send them on to me.



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