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Hi LS:

Just to get the ball rolling on the four levels of the MoQ I thought it
might be helpful to repeat what was included about the levels in the
"Principles of the MoQ,"
a document that was debated for many weeks on the Squad and published on
the site earlier this year.

Static Levels: Quality became manifest in our world by an evolutionary
sequence of Dynamic Quality Events. Left in the wake of these events
four static levels of evolution -- inorganic, biological, social and
intellectual. Each level is a static pattern of Quality, organized and
governed by its own moral laws -- the laws of physics, biology, culture
reason respectively.

Static Awareness: Each higher level evolved from the lower level but has
become a discrete level. From the point of view of any level it is only
possible to evaluate phenomena at that level.

Static Dominance: Because each lower level is unable to evaluate the
levels, it considers itself to be the most moral and strives to dominate
the others.

Static Morality: The levels at a higher stage of evolution are more
than levels below. Intellectual patterns take moral precedence over
patterns, social patterns over biological, and biological over

Dependency: Higher qualities depend on lower qualities for survival.
thus a
higher quality can only dominate a lower one in so far as it does not
endanger its stability.

Those who joined the Squad after this was published may have some ideas
improvement. I hope so, for the name of the game in Pirsigland is "We
do better."


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