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Magnus Berg (
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 18:54:59 +0100

Hi Bo and Squad

You wrote:
> MAGNUS forwards - again - his Chinese Box theory of the four
> levels as sub-levels within each bigger level. F.ex a biological
> organism has a "social" component to keep the cells co-operating and
> even an Intellectual one for deciphering the signals. Enticing, but a
> little complex (where to end box within the box recession?).

Well, the social level might be the Chinese Box and you know very
well where it ends. When the one dimensional inorganic line is too
short to support two dimensional biological patterns, the Chinese
Box cannot be divided any further.

The model of all four levels is based on your dimension analogy.
And I don't think it's very complex. If it is made simpler, it will
cause platypii all over the place. Heaven forbid, but I actually see
some of Struan's emotivism down the same road.

I'd better apologize right now, because I feel that I might get
kind'a annoying for a while pointing out every platypus I can find.


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