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Thu, 6 Aug 1998 08:37:42 +0100

hello Bodvar and squad,

Bodvar wrote:

GLOVE at first (in his comment to Platt) speaks convincingly and
correctly about the world being all quality, but then goes on to adopt
the SOMish sounding view of the human consciousness as the creator of
it all: everything is there already for us to bring into being.

Bo, while my post may sound SOMish, please think of it as SOTAQI speak
bridge the gap between what i really want to say and what others will
:) for not only is the universe all quality, our awareness is also all
quality and so impossible to define. rather than saying the human
consciousness is the creator of it all, i would say awareness is perhaps
creator of it all, and further, the universe is awareness and so in a
creates itself, but not in a SOM type of way. awareness creates reality
when awareness changes, reality changes with it. awareness could each
said to be operating in all-space-filling reality spheres, and when the
at the center of the sphere is no more, when the 'me' dies, then that
reality sphere is gone. whether it reappears again in a regenerating
is open to debate and another subject altogether.

in our self-importance, we humans have a tendency to think of ourselves
the dominant species put here on earth to subdue it and all the other
creatures who crawl, walk, swim or fly upon it. this idea extends into
philosophy as well and is perhaps one reason why MoQ is so hard to
get a handle on. MoQ doesnt show human beings as a dominant
shows human beings are capable of perceiving another layer, the
of reality. this doesnt make humans better than anything else in the
universe, only different, and the only way to recognize this is thru
the self important feeling that we are.

if we live in harmony and balance with the universe, we will resonate
its ringing. that is quality, and thats all there really is.

best wishes to all,


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