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Platt wrote in answer to Andy:

Dynamic Quality -- the Principle of Rightness, the Desire for the Good,
Drive towards Perfection -- won't fit into any quadrant since its
(like the essence of all energy forms) eludes definition.

Clark wrote:
  Perhaps people just don't buy my concept but I feel like I have not
clear exactly what my position is as yet. I promise, this is the last
I will do this.

  The current concept of DQ in the squad seems to me to leave too much
ambiguity in the MOQ. I think it is possible to have a clear concept of
what Quality, Dynamic Quality, and Static Quality are, how they came to
and what their function is in the universe and how they are applicable
our immediate concerns.

 How the universe came into being and precisely how the resulting fixed
physical conditions came to be is not well understood. Better, it is not
understood at all. There is your mystery.

  Once these physical conditions were established they resulted in a
of possibilities which determined the general direction of the
of the universe. The initial conditions allowed the formation of the
elements up to iron. Beyond this level of the formation of the elements
energy input was required that could only be supplied by something like
supernova explosion. These supernovas supplied the necessary energy to
the remainder of the naturally occurring elements. We are the product of
supernova explosion.

  The range of possibilities established by the evolution of the
through the supernovas is the Quality that drives the evolution of the
universe and the drive for greater information content that we observe

  Dynamic Quality is the current energy content of the universe plus the
range of possibilities that had been previously established.

  Static Quality is the entire sweep of the latchings that have occurred
due to the range of possibilities provided by Dynamic Quality.
that is within our scope of perception is Static Patterns of Value which
compose our current reality. This is true whether or not we are aware of
all of the SPoVs that have occurred so far.

The evolution of the universe, including us, is a continuous, seamless,
process right from the beginning up until this instant. Our presence as
player in this process is the result of the continuous, ongoing,
made by Dynamic Quality from the range of possibilities (fields of
awareness) that are continually presented, and continually updated by
ambient conditions including the instantaneous state of all of the
Quality latchings that have occurred since the beginning. We, and
everything in the universe, all of our reality, is composed of the
Patterns of Value that have produced the current state of the universe
their influence on the selections made from the field of universal
awareness by Dynamic Quality. These selections grew more and more
non-deterministic as the evolution of the universe produced more
complexity. Currently we are living in an effectively non-deterministic

  The evolution of the universe up until self awareness entered the
was solely guided by the increasingly complex physical conditions of the

  After self awareness entered the picture and the intellectual level
became operational it became possible for the generation of Static
of Value to be influenced by self awareness. The evolution of the
was no longer guided solely by physical conditions.

  Self awareness resulted in the ability of self aware individuals to
influence to some degree the development of their own individual Static
Patterns of Value. As a result it became possible for each self aware
individual to have a set of Static Patterns of Value that differed from
other individuals. This is the basis for Pirsig's statement that many
truths are possible in the MOQ. This idea was pushed further by others,
including Doug Renselle, that every self aware individual experienced an
individual set of Static Patterns of Value and thus each self aware
individual experienced a different concept of reality.

  It seems to me that the reason Dynamic Quality is pronounced
is due to the complexity that has built up in the universe and not
its origins and operation is not understandable. We cannot predict the
particular selections that will be made by Dynamic Quality at any given
instant or for any person including ourselves.

  Bo, (rhymes with toe and is thus a good word. Boo, as in Boo Hoo might
have connotations of the Bogey Man.) before you jump all over me let me
that I concur with Pirsig's concept of the MOQ. I agree that all is
composed of Static Patterns of Value which determine our individual
realities and that the world is an expression of Value through the
operation of Quality. I agree that the universe is based on preferences
rather than causation and that substance is a subspecies of value. Where
disagree is when you say that Static Patterns of Value are fixed and
unchanging. In my view SPoVs are continually being provided an
to change by the continual flux of Static Quality as influenced by the
changing Dynamic Quality.

  We have resulted from a continuous process of evolution in which the
entire sweep of reality is a seamless whole. The four levels of SPoV are
artifact that Pirsig constructed to make explanation easier. All levels
from the inorganic through the intellectual level interact seamlessly
the direction of our instantaneous individual conceptions of reality.

I am getting dizzy so I will quit. Ken

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