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hi Diana and squad

Diana wrote:

Having read Magnus' and Troy's versions I think we're all pretty much
agreed on the first two levels. The first is what's usually known as
matter or substance and the second is life or the life force. These
might not be very scientific definitions but I don't usually have
trouble recognizing them when I meet them.

Diana, while i may be in agreement with these definitions, there does
to be an inherent fuzziness associated with the interfaces of these two
layers SOMically. what is life and what isnt? normally, as you say, its
a problem to distinguish what is alive from what is dead, but when
researchers attempt to define the actual dividing line between inorganic
biological, problems arise.

perhaps by viewing these layers as part of a whole, inseparable from the
other two higher layers of social and intellect, and assigning an
increasingly fuzzy probablistic event horizon acting as a precessional
interface between the each of the four layers, outwards, within the MoQ,
can account for everything we know as well as everything we not-know.
fuzziness is a part of our perceptual reality whether we like it or not,
because of the very way we perceive reality.

this fuzziness is an expected result in a precessionally probabilitisic
universe, increasing in complexity as the higher layers of the MoQ are
precessed. therefore the fuzziness between the biological layer and
layer is more complex than the fuzziness between the
layer by a determinate factor (i dont want to get technical here) and
fuzziness between the social/intellect is so very complex that its
impossible to narrow down deterministically, thus the differences of
that arise when its discussed.

the least complex relationship would seem to belong to the
interface, something either is or is not, and the most complex
to the static/dynamic interface, virtual infinity represented by the
outside my MoQ wimple model which extends out into the universe as far
our most powerful telescopes can probe...that represents dynamic quality
the four circles represent our reality. in this way the observer can
visualize the vastness of DQ in relation to SQ and the possibilities for
probable events to occur.

best wishes to all,


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