LS Re: Four levels of Being--E F Schumacher

Donald S. Rosenow (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 05:52:16 +0100


Andrew Russell wrote:

> "...if you *really* believe that *everything* is Quality, don't just
> sit there and smugly say it. Show it!"

> Yes! Yes! Yes!

> But it is not the be-all end-all of human history. And if it is, we need
> to find a
> way to get it out of this forum and into the quote unquote real world.

Exactly! With the caveat - Pirsig's MOQ may not be the be-all and
end-all of human history but it presents the Western world with the best
description of itself yet. It can make a difference; it has made an
impact upon the West already. The "Quality" movement of the Eighties in
corporate America was largely attributable to Pirsig's lovely ZATAOMM,
even if they didn't get it exactly right.

By all means, spread the word.Don

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