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Sun, 9 Aug 1998 17:28:13 +0100

hi Donny and squad

Donny wrote:

        I'm picking on Bodvar, but it isn't just him who throws "SOM"
about at every turn. To quote Glove:
". rather than saying the human
consciousness is the creator of it all, i would say awareness is perhaps
creator of it all, and further, the universe is awareness and so in a
creates itself, but not in a SOM type of way."
        Maybe I missed something, but what on earth WOULD it mean for
universe to create itself "in a SOM type of way?" Exactly which
deffinition of SOM, #1 or #2, are you refering to and how do you get
there to the way a universe might create itself? Maybe I'm the only one,
but I sure don't see it.

my comment:

Donny, no offense taken. hopefully i can clear up any misunderstandings
arising from my posts. an example of SOM creating itself would be for me
to be my own father. it leads to confusion as this is clearly impossible
in observable reality, yet possible to conceive intellectually by :)
constructing a time machine and going back in time. actually your
objection to the use of SOM is rather unreasonable since Pirsig himself
assails it in his writings constantly yet finds he needs it anyway. its
a way of knowing we are on the right track, that we are indeed following
quality and not duality. the definition of SOM is dualitisic by nature
and when i see that i attempt to point it out, and of course i am
subject to SOM speak as much as anyone since i have been raised in that
fashion since birth. as far as #1 or #2 SOM...why dont we just leave it
at plain old SOM instead of complicating matters even further. besides,
i have no idea what you mean by that.

as far as just how the universe creates itself, that is indeed a very
difficult place to get to. simply put, it seems to create itself thru
the awareness which the universe creates in the first place, and i know
thats not really saying anything, yet that is the best i can do right

best wishes to all


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