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hello Horse and squad

Horse wrote:

So as I see it, the 4 levels, as discrete catagories, is a mistaken
view. This is not to say that there are not 4 levels, but that they are
present to varying degrees in the constituents of reality.

Horse, there is validity in what you are saying to be sure, but Pirsig
states very clearly that there are only four levels, and that everything
we are aware of will fit into these levels without exception. and i feel
that if Pirsig were not absolutely sure on this point, he never would
have proposed the MoQ in the first place.

thats why the MoQ is more expansive than
other metaphysics. i agree it is possible there are other layers of
perception within reality, yet i also believe that for a real viewpoint
of what the MoQ means, we should stick as closely to what its originator
proposed it as, which is to say four discrete layers interacting with
each other in an outward fashion.

as you might guess by now, i am a firm proponent of keeping the MoQ as
close to what Pirsig stated as possible. only by forming a firm
foundation of agreements with MoQ can we hope to understand it in its
entirity, though the complexity of it leads me to believe that might be
a life-long challenge. therefore i feel the four levels of MoQ are an
intergal part of it and to attempt to change that will negate it being
MoQ any longer.

best wishes to all


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