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I've read more of Schumacher, and I can see how bringing up his
pushed some buttons. I don't find the rest of "A Guide for the
to be as meaningful as the secind chapter, although I think he as some
insight to MoQ questions that we haven't even gotten around to talking
And I want to interject that I find him to be an imspiringly moral
person, who
has done what Sojourner challenges us all to do, ie. take our
intellectual/philosiphical insight and DO something with it.
"Small is Beautiful" changed our social-bound world, giving it a higher
intellectual awareness based on biological sensitivity.

What thrilled me about Schumacher is the fact that he very simply
* laid out the inner workings of the MoQ system regarding the
* distinguished between the unnamable difference that refers to the
power of differenct levels, and the results of those powers, and
* connected his observations to the Four Kingdoms, which for me,
provided the
insight to resolve the continuous/discrete problem. I obviously haven't
managed to succesfully socialize this intellectual pattern, but I'll
trying <grin>.

You see, just like Bo values MoQ highly for giving him the insight to
conceptualize an intellectual shift, my motivation for valuing MoQ is
that is
gives a rational explanation for invisible conflicts between
social-intellectual and social-biological interactions. As long as the
can't see the MoQ social level, it can't explain these conflicts, and
around in a perpetual dither, grabbing after straws that invariably lead
unwanted results. The discreteness is the key to everything, from my
point of


Stray thought:

Notice that "human" as a definition is higher than we want to draw the
line for
intellectual, because we all want to include higher-level animals, and
is lower than we want to draw the line for social. Here again is that
thing, a particular but recurring kind of duality, in which social is
unseen dividing line, in which there is an "opposite" for
and lower-than-social. (In addition to being a collector of Lists of
Four, I
also collect lists of anything in which social is a dividing line, or is
unmentioned, unrealized gap)

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