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hello Troy and squad

Troy wrote:

we are diluting Pirsig's 4 levels of quality by making concrete models.
models (examples) are necessary for "understanding".

Troy, i dont think 'diluting' is the proper word to use for using a
model as a learning tool for understanding the workings of the MoQ. that
is precisely what the MoQ is...a way to bring enlightenment to the
underlying workings of the universe. it provides a way of breaking down
the universe into discrete segments while still acknowledging all
segments must exist as a whole for the MoQ to exist. the MoQ provides
for everything we know, as well as everything we do not know. my visual
MoQ wimple model has helped me immensely in forming a deeper
understanding with the MoQ and has diluted nothing as far as i can see.

i agree with your rock thesis as a valid way of determining awareness in
the universe. the rock must be contained in all four layers of the MoQ
for it to exist as a rock, yet the MoQ allows us to break its rockness
into parts and examine them in the context of the entire MoQ. we are
very close in our thinking on this matter and your paper was very well
written and thought out.

best wishes to all,


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