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LS and Bodvar,
  Just got back from a few days in Texas and am starved for a small
of SENTIENCE :+). I am sick of going on about evolution but Bodvar, you

 There are deviations in the levels too. Schumacher makes an
inter-biological distinction between plants and animals. I am no
expert but I believe that similar divisions could be made almost
arbitrarily within the kingdoms. Molluscs are just as different from
vertebrates as plants from molluscs, and "Animals" as the Social
level, how can that comparison be made?

Clark wrote:
  Lots of "sounds good but not quite right" thinking going on. Plants
qualitatively different from any animal, so different that no comparison
can be made. Without plants no animal life would be possible. Plants are
the suppliers of the oxygen that animals require. Plants and the
chlorophyll molecule had to occur and build up a supply of oxygen in the
atmosphere before oxygen consuming animals were possible. In my mind all
this relates to the direction of the operation of Quality in the
It all fits a thrust for "Greater information content" in the universe.
my mind events like this are pretty much a foregone conclusion given the
range of Possibilities that were generated at the beginning. We can
whether this was an "AWARE" force or was the result of the original
physical conditions. I don't know. My feeling is that this was a purely
physical phenomenon but then there is the question of first causes
me, preferences.) :+). Hard to get away from the SOM. Ken.

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