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> Subject: LS Four levels of being-E. F. Schumacher
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> > We have resulted from a continuous process of evolution in which the
> > entire sweep of reality is a seamless whole. The four levels of SPoV
> > an
> > artifact that Pirsig constructed to make explanation easier.
> Nah.
> Why would he bother? If that was the case, he has nothing to explain.
> The standard explanation is seamless evolution.
> If you can't buy into the evolutionary levels and the way they interact,
> what's left in MoQ that's useful? Just a vague notion that life is not
> meaningless?
> Maggie
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  What we would have left is the concept of pure, unadulterated Quality
which established the force for greater information content in the
which was later split into Dynamic Quality and Static Qality which
resulted, by way of evolution into the process that creates our reality.
cannot draw you a chart but what we would have is a process of awareness
selection from our fields of awareness by Dynamic Quality which is
converted into Static Quality. This increment of Static Quality would
an increment to our total concept of reality which would then further
inform our unconscious DQ and so influence its selection from our field
awareness. and so on. It is in no way necessary to subdivide Static
Quality, which is our individual concept of reality, into arbitrary
subdivisions of evolution. Pirsig did not set out to destroy the concept
evolution, his purpose was to use the SOM concepts as a springboard to
us a better explanation of reality. It appears to me that Pirsig divides
into four levels in order to better argue his concept of morality which
increasingly coming into question within the Squad. I think that this
questioning is an altogether proper line of discussion. I think Pirsig
would agree with this. Ken

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