LS Re: Four Levels of Patterns of Value

Magnus Berg (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:02:51 +0100

Hi Horse and Squad

You wrote:
> Actually Magnus, it would appear from your description that you
> see things in a fuzzy way too. Both of the above examples are
> fuzzy desriptions. Degrees of membership to intellectual catagories
> and to the underlying reality.

Yes I see 'things' in a fuzzy way, but I think the level division
is crisp.

> So as I see it, the 4 levels, as discrete catagories, is a mistaken
> view. This is not to say that there are not 4 levels, but that they are
> present to varying degrees in the constituents of reality.

A rainbow model of the four levels is a mistaken view, yes! But not
a dimensional view. Otherwise, Pirsig's statement:

"The physical order of the universe is also the moral order of the

becomes pure emotivism bullshit.


"I'm so full of what is right, I can't see what is good"
                                N. Peart - Rush

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