LS Re: Moral precedence in the four levels

clark (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 15:15:53 +0100

  I debated on whether to ask this question on the squad or directly to
you. I decided that since you mentioned it in a squad letter then you
wouldn't mind discussing it on the net.
 Bodvar wrote:

To your marriage example: I once said to Jonathan that the MOQ is a
General Metaphysics far too accurate for mundane matters, it solves
the great conundrums but such problems are best dealt with by ordinary

Clark wrote:
  The part I am confused about is where you said "best dealt with by
ordinary sensibility"
  Are you saying that there is a part of our "sensibility" that is outside
the scope of the MOQ.
  My understanding is that each of us is embedded in the operation of the
MOQ and do not have the option of moving in and out of it at will. Will you
explain this statement to me. There appears to be something that I do not
understand. Ken

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