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Jonathan B. Marder (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:38:17 +0100

Hi Donny and Squad,

> Anyway, I did say that S-O thinking extends into the animal
>kingdom. To clairify: It is present threre *implicitly* -- or in
>Hegel-speak: in itself. In socities it becomes for-itself, explicit.

Something Donny said made me realise that the SURVIVAL INSTINCT implies
that the entity trying to survive has an "awareness" of self as distinct
from non-self. It might be just as well to call this an S-O awareness
whether implicit or explicit. I apologise for not being able to find the
original post (May/ June approx) on the self/non-self distinction as a
biological basis for the S-O split.
Biological organisation is where the many cells (each its own *I*)
become *we*, so the position of the self vs. non-self split is shifted.
This clearly also happens in family and social organisation.

Thus the S-O split is context dependent and Fuzzy. That's what MOQ is -
a fuzzification of SOM.
In my opinion, one issues of contention in the LS is that he fuzzified
it to only 4 levels!

(Time to put on flame-proof suit I think).


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