LS Re: A message for US residents.

Donald S. Rosenow (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:39:59 +0100

clark wrote:

> Have you heard about the move by the woman in California to get people to
> mail an article of clothing to Ken Starr. Preferably blue (the dress) and
> needing laundering. She recommends underwear. Mailing address is on the
> net. Furriners are welcome to join in if so moved. Ken
> Why? Has the disengenuous, cowardly, philandering snake of a president we
> have soiled someone else's clothing, too?

Talk about a perfect example of unrestrained biological quality!

Let's just shoot the messenger instead of holding Clinton responsible for his
own lies. Starr was just peachy when the opposition was roasting Packwood over
slow coals for little more than what Clinton has done. Bah.


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