LS Re: Moral precedence in the 4 levels

Magnus Berg (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:45:35 +0100

Hi Bo and Squad

You wrote:
> Of course I did notice the dimension analogy and support it 100% as
> you presented it to Jonathan, but the Chinese Box idea? Can it be said
> that each spatial dimension contains a full set of dimensions that
> again...and so on?

Chinese Box? Do you mean the merry go round in my essay? Yes I
think so, ten small three dimensional boxes can fit in a large three
dimensional box in exactly the same way as ten small societies
,(ten cities), fit in a large society, (a country).

Using the fourth intellectual dimension, you can represent any other
pattern or mix of patterns from all levels. Martin mentioned the other
week that there is a theory which states that reality consists of
information, which is exactly what the merry go round idea suggests.
Have you found anything more about that Martin?


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