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Anthony McWatt wrote:

> Secondly, Troy. The rock does not have inorganic quality,
> inorganic quality "has" the rock (re: "Lila does not have
> Quality, Quality has her")! However, the question that
> comes to mind about your suggestion that every entity is on
> all four static levels is:

> "Is this view of the four static patterns going to work
> better in practice than the view expounded in LILA (where,
> for instance, a rock is JUST an inorganic pattern of
> value)?"
> The point you make about a rock being a manifestation of
> all the four levels is not neccesarily incoherent and from
> what Pirsig states below, its correctness depends on how
> well this conceptualisation would work in practice i.e.

Good to have you back; refreshed and full of energy and
original Pirsig quotations (take good care of that material, it may
become valuable).

I just concentrate on this section, but agree with the rest too. I
have waited for Troy to reach some conclusion in his 4-level dialogue
with himself. I actually wrote a response to his "rock" entry, but it
disappeared in cyberspace. Today's post by Troy started so promising,
but soon he was deep into the all-levels-in-all-things maze.

As you say: Quality HAS everything; a piece of rock IS inorganic
value patterns. There are no matter particles over here and value
floating over there. And so on: A stone cannot die like a
biological organism; atomic valences and molecular interactions has
nothing to do with social value and intellectual abstractions are far
beyond stones - two levels actually.

Also, I think your reply to Horse solves the continuum vs
discreteness conundrum. Dynamically seen all statics is one
continuous (sloping) plane. From on high a staircase looks smooth,
while from the lower - static - point of view the various value
levels are discontinuous steps.


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