LS News, 17 August 98
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 13:49:05 +0100

As you may have gathered from some posts last week I haven't been
moderating the LS very efficiently recently. In fact the whole process
has become so time consuming and, dare I say it, thankless, that I've
pretty much given up altogether and I might as well make it official.
Apologies to those who have supported this method but it just isn't
practical any more. I hope we can stick to the PROGRAMs and maintain a
focussed discussion, but the Lila Squad will no longer be moderated. We
will also be moving to another server shortly which will transfer all
posts instantly, but more about that when it's ready.

Donny has submitted a new essay to the forum on the subject of
Can logic be institutionalized? He looks at the role of philosophy,
institutions, reason and education and it's well worth checking out.

We have a rather colorful bunch of new subscribers, bios are on the
squad page. Newbies, please join in as soon as you want. Oldbies, please
be gentle with them;-)

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