LS Four levels of being.

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Donny and Squad,
  My reference to plants being the beginning of the social level was
intended to be tongue-in-cheek. However, I am of the opinion that the
establishing of the four levels is just an artifact to facilitate
discussion and it is handy for this purpose. I look upon evolution as a
seamless process resulting in the Lila Squad. While admitting that I need
many more answers I can see where being a two legged and two armed creature
might apply enough selection pressure to result in us. The birds, of
course, bent their upper limbs to a different purpose, and the dinosaurs
got wiped out without a fair chance. Had it not been for the Yucatan
impact, or a global change in weather patterns, or whatever, we might have
been huge purple creatures with a perpetual grin. Give the chimpanzees a
few million more years and we might be taking one out for dinner and a
dance. However we can establish the MOQ as intuitively attractive enough to
become a generally accepted world view is fine with me. Again, as Pirsig
said, Many Truths are possible. I still think it would be more
intellectually honest, not to mention accurate, to separate the MOQ into
physical and biological levels. Ken

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