LS Re: Dynamic vs Static split; DQ drives evolution

Fintan Dunne (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:27:03 +0100

> He wouldn't argue with me because I was
> speaking trans-rationally, which he saw only as irrational.

> A good lens to view this problem of the stranglehold of rationality is
> via the work of Ken Wilber. I say this to this group every now and
> again, but clearly no one who writes frequently is familiar with his
> work. There's a couple of URL's I can send if there's interest. The
> clarity is amazing.....

> If you see the universe as Spirit unfolding, in a perpetual process of
> self-recognition, where all is Spirit, this makes it clearer. All is Spirit.

Well said Andy!

I would be interested to hear your definition of
trans-rational thinking as I am using a thought
process myself which sounds similar.

Please do forward references to me on Ken Wilber as I am keen to
follow this angle up.

Best regards

Fintan Dunne

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