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Sat, 22 Aug 1998 08:06:49 +0100

whew. this week i "went on a drive" down through CA and did some thinking
about where we have been and where we are going. on my return, i've been
going through lots of new email messages, and it's time for me to squeeze
in my meager contributions...

i want answers. Pirsig explained how Quality is why i am here. that
revelation manifested to me in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
is the best "static" (or "stable"--which i like, Ant, Donny)explanation
that explains my existence.

now that my existence is "meaningful", i ask "what ought i do?" Pirsig
lowers his horns and charges into this one as well. Lila explains how we
can evaluate our behaviors and measure everything that exists on a
"morality scale". we can evaluate ideas, relationships, in addition to
behaviors and rocks.

here're my thoughts on the topic of the month:

the four practical categories of [static] quality "make" the realities we
all have constructed. i received mixed reviews from my "pondering the
rock" message, and some LSers are hesitant to accept the social quality of
a rock or the biological quality of the rock. perhaps this is because of
the "uselessness" in dealing with, say, the inorganic quality of an idea
or the intellectual quality of that rock.

afterall, what Pirsig was aiming for, was a practical (thank you, Ant)
"method" of measuring morality.

we can ask "what is the value of this behavior?" and with the four levels
of evolved static quality, we can find answers.

we can compare options and answer "what ought i do?". that's practical.

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