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hi Jonathan, Maggie and squad.

Jonathan wrote:

In that scheme, Maggie chose "self awareness" as a definitive attribute
of the Intellectual level.


The SO division is always an intellectual imposition. If this is what
you mean by SOTAQI, I fully concur. What I object to is the implication
that SO thinking is *all* that intellect is.

Jonathan and Maggie, there is very little difference in our points of view.
Maggie, you assert self awareness arises in the intellect and i find your
reasoning very sound. still, i must say all of the MOQ should be viewed as
awareness. while the Q intellect may be responsible for human
consciousness/memory/self awareness itself, that is but a small part of what
awareness 'really' is. without the inorganic layer, there would be nothing
to contain the self awareness, and without the biological layer, no life
would organize the inorganic into organic, and without the social layer, no
communication and cooperation could arise to spur the intellect.

leaning towards Jonathans reasoning, while self awareness, or human
consciousness, arises via the Q intellect, it is a manifestation of all
layers working in cooperation, a larger awareness, if you will. for example,
we could say that certain diseases, like early dementia, rob the individual
of the ability to communicate with others, or the social layer, and renders
them virtually non-self aware any longer. we could say that further if any
one of the four layers are removed, what i would call true-self awareness
would seem to be removed as well.

if that is true however, how can we not view all the model as self-awareness
and say everything is self-aware? its a SOM platypus, of course, lurking
right here in the MOQ. we could say in MOQ speak, that the Q intellect
values certain situations arising from the intergal interlocking way the
entire MOQ works. self awareness arises when enough conceptual relationships
can be formed to 'activate' the Q intellect. these conceptual relationships
are dependent upon all four layers and how they work together in all the
diverse life-forms in existence and the way they use different value
situations to become what they already are. we humans are simply more able
to perceive the higher intellect layer and make use of it. its in our
nature, just as its in the tree's nature to be tree, with a self awareness
pertaining to tree.

it must also be said that self awareness arises from a deeper underlying
awareness, which could also be called Dynamic Quality, or the conceptual
unknown, and that everything in existence does indeed contain some part of
that self awareness that whatever 'the me' is can conceive of relationally,
as well as some part that cannot be defined that seems to drive everything.
its certainly one of the hard questions, and that is reflected in the
differences of opinion, small that they are.

best wishes to all,


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