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hi Donald and squad

Donald wrote:

Fossil and archaeological evidence is in decidedly short supply. That
preclude an antediluvian civilization, but even if one existed it would not
been as technologically advanced as ours. Surely some evidence would remain?
Beyond Cayce, I mean.

Donald, its actually a very deeply woven issue, the archaeological record of
the earth. the conventional school of thought, at least until the recent
decades when more was learned about impact evidence, was that the chief tool
of evolution was time, immense amounts of time. Velikovsky assailed this
viewpoint in his 'Earth in Upheaval' book, a sequel to 'Worlds in Collision'
and just as crammed with footnotes as its predessor. strangely, that book
was more readily accepted and become required reading at some universities,
i understand. perhaps because it was more rooted in reality than WIC, which
dealt mainly in myths and legends.

if you run a search on the net for obvious remains of relics from a
pre-historic era, you find much christian dogmatic related junk which must
be sifted thru carefully to find any value. still, its a worthwhile effort
as its junk and not garbage, and there are many examples of archaeologic
finds that are unexplainable, other that they may be some type of elaborate
hoax. who can rule out that possibility?

again, i am not saying there were more advanced civilizations than ours, or
less advanced...only that they appear to have been world-wide in their
scope, and so could be called simply 'advanced'. copies of maps are in
existence that seem to come from a source map which was highly accurate.
'The Maps of the Ancient Sea-Kings' by Charles Hapgood explores these maps
in great detail and comes to some very startling conclusions.

be that as it may, i only offer the notion in the hopes of enlarging the
viewpoint to include the possibility of other advanced civilizations, and
that they would also have evolved as they did because of the MOQ and the
underlying causal factors it outlines. they would not have had more layers
or less layers, they also would have recognized the four layers as we have.

there are mysterious motifs found in many places around the world, religious
in appearance, which depict a series of spheres, one inside the other. the
significance of this motif has been the subject of many different theories,
one of them the Saturn theory, proposed by Ev Cochrane (searchable on the
net for those interested). the sphere within sphere idea is also contained
in my MOQ wimple model, found in the links in the LS. evidence? i dont

best wishes to all,


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