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Here's a description, I think, of a "time" in which the intellectual
level had not yet evolved, but the potential (social structural support
and balance) was there and this thing that would later firm up into
intellect was still a Dynamic Quality interaction.

"The men of old, while the chaotic condition was yet undeveloped, shared
the placid tranquility which belonged to the whole world. At that time
the yin and yang were harmonious and still; their resting and movement
proceeded without any disturbance; the four seasons had their definite
times; not a single thing received any injury, and no living being came
to a premature end. Men might be posessed of the faculty of knowledge,
but they had no occasion for its use. This was what is called the state
of perfect unity. At this time, there was no action on the part of
anyone--but a constant manifestation of spontaneity."

--Chang Tzu, trans. James Legge, ch. 16, quoted by Fritof Capra in The
Tao of Physics.

Interesting to compare and contrast this with the western Garden of Eden
story, which points to the same phenomenon.


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