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Bodvar Skutvik (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 16:58:53 +0100

Maggie and all of Lila Squad.

Thanks is all I can say to your "tour de force" of Thu.27 Aug. that
ended thus:

> The other night I could feel how we ARE the universe, its mind, its awareness, and
> this tenuous thing that Diana has nurtured spans not only the world, but the
> universe. It is like Pirsig's little man pushing sand, only where he interacts at
> a lower level, a biological being interacting with individual sets of inorganic
> patterns, LS works at the highest level. When an intellectual pattern is formed,
> it changes everything, EVERYTHING. And when a NEW SET of intellectual patterns
> are socialized and passed on to other people, the potential of new undreamed-of
> intellectual patterns supported by that new social structure is humbling.

At first I had a few objections to stones and intellect, but the more
I read the more my small misgivings faded into insignificance and
finally I just sat there with moist eyes. There are days when the
discussion seems hopeless and it looks as if we are moving away from
whatever goal we have, but then there come "days like this" (as
Van Morrison sings) with posts like Maggie's and Platt's.

After one year, are we approaching some sort of fusion? Maggie
speaks of sleepless hours pondering questions, during my cold spell
I had a dream about a meeting of the Lila Squad - dreamlike
as dreams are, but it looked like a Security Council meeting at the
UN; a spotlighted floor with an assembly of figures and some vast
galleries receding upwards into darkness filled with thousands of
people. Diana was speaking from a lectern when a figure entered on a
motorcycle spreading choking exhaust fumes and waving papers -
Magnus Berg! Diana looked furious and I thought: This will be
interesting to watch. Those were the only two people I "saw" before
it all dissolved into feverish versions of personal issues.

A real world meeting could probably be held at a pub - in one boot at
one table :-) !


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