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On Thu, 27 Aug 1998 23:37:07 -0500 "Donald S. Rosenow"
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> Ant McWatt wrote:
> "Re-examining your marriage example, Theo, I was reminded of Richard
> Rigel. Maybe your belief that "Pirsig's grasp of morality is, at least
> a little,suspect" is based on some on some implicit or explicit
> Victorian moral codes?
> "I still can't agree with your idea that a marriage is purely static,
> either. I'm sure that sound wrong. Or if you are not saying this, then
> in which way is marriage
> Dynamic which adultery is not?"
> Marriage, and it is important to remember that the form of the marriage
> is less important than the function, is a social control of biology, and
> is therefore more moral than promiscuity. It is a contract with one's
> spouse and with society. Adultery is a breach of that contract. Within
> the marriage, the relationship of husband to wife is rife with the
> possiblity of Dynamic Quality, not least because of the Static nature of
> the compact.
> Don

I like your reply here as it gives us both static and
Dynamic explanations of marriage.

Many thanks.


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