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hi Bodvar, Don, and squad

Bodvar wrote:

About the Intellect's seemingly short lifespan: As we have laboured
over this enigma I think we have it's ORIGIN in a very remote past (I
am reluctant to fix a point in time). It developed further with
language, writing - still in "the service of" society - but emerged
with a life of its own around Homer's time and bloomed with the
early Greek thinkers. Finally it reached "metaphysical" proportions
with Socrates, Platon and Aristoteles (as SOM), but as LILA suggests,
it did not become a political motivating force until the last

Bodvar, i think this could be an example of Doug Renselle's many truths
idea. there may be many other truths built inside our reality that we are
aware of. i can accept the short lifespan of the awareness of the
intellect, but for me, its more expansive to say it has resulted from
catastrophic occurrences at some time in the very recent past. i am not sure
exactly what these occurrences were, but they were world-wide in the
destruction they caused. nevertheless, the MOQ has been 'here' before the
earth itself was created, in its underlying form of dynamic quality.

Bodvar wrote:

Intellect may be become "devaluated" if a catastrophe shatters its
base - society - and the remaining human beings would have to revert
to the next safe latch, but for this to be BIOLOGY the whole
mammal kingdom would have to become extinct. If there were human life
left they would band together in more primitive societies, SoPoV
itself is too archaic to be "destroyed" unless, as indicated, its own
base - advanced life - were wiped out.

Don wrote:

The Quality Event is not necessarily moral at all. A rock hitting the
Earth is no more than that, albeit a rock that will cause a low quality
biological environment for Homo Sapiens. Is it not our response to the
event that determines the morality?

Don, morality is tied to quality very specifically in Lila. therefore, every
event is indeed a quality event as well as a moral event in a quality driven
universe. it depends upon the point of view as to the low or high value of
the event. for instance, an asteroid striking the earth may seem like a low
quality event, but only from our point of view. from the univeral point of
view, it is an agent for moral change and so contains a great deal of
morality. yet you are right when you say its our response to an event that
determines morality, and we value higher moral or quality situations over
lower ones.

Bodvar and Don, i see the rise of our current civilization as starting out
from a
very low point, one of total annililation and destruction. gigantic tidal
waves had swept over the earth from pole to pole, destroying much of the
larger land based species that once inhabited it. hurricane force winds
blew for days. darkness had settled on the entire globe for months in the
form of volcanic ash in the atmosphere. all the fresh water was polluted.
meteorites fell. anything standing was destroyed, (except perhaps pyrimids,
but thats another story) and only caves and high places offered refuge of a

this is what resulted in the 'stone age' of our current civilization. when
the darkness finally cleared, only rubble remained of the former
civilization. our current civilization is the result of having to start all
over again from scratch. no written knowledge survived, only stories told
from generation to generation, until they became make believe and mythical.

the intellect layer of collective knowledge was gone, in a real sense.
probably close to 95% of the population perished in the last major event,
and with them went the collective knowledge they put into use everyday, as
well as the social structures the perished ones supported. everything
collapsed back on itself. the biological layer ruled. the law of nature had
returned with a vengence. it no longer mattered if a person was late for
work or in danger of being fired or forgot their kids birthday...what
mattered was basic survival itself. now, the social and intellect layers
were still there, but they were ignored in the face of basic biological
survival instincts.

if one can fathom the scope of these catastrophies, its amazing that
anything at all survived, yet a few species did, and miraculously, shortly
after the decimation, new species sprang into being overnight, seemingly out
of nowhere. there is much current debate going on whether or not all the old
species were wiped out. rather, some researchers suggest they mutated
(transformed is better) into new species in a spontaneous manner as a result
of the catastrophies themselves.

in other words, entire groups of animals and plants were suddenly
transformed into something different, for the sake of survival. how this
happened could be thought of as a result of dynamic catastrophic
interference with the morphogentic fields being generated by each living
organism, each contributing to forming a collective field. in MOQ speak, the
collective morphing fields saw higher value situations in a different
arrangement and
made a dynamic leap towards it, taking the individual biological organisms
with for the ride. there is a controversial theory right now that says
dinosaurs are not extinct at all, they are still with us in the form of
birds, the form they took dynamically when a catastrophy overtook them some
65 million years ago.

is it possible that this is how us as humans also came into being? i dont
really know enough to say one way or the other, but it seems that it may be
likely we transformed as a group, or series of groups scattered around the
globe, at some point in the last million or so years, and have existed in
the same form ever since. the universe could be said to value catastrophy as
a means of dynamic change to enhance awareness and survival. talk about

but still, the four layers were
there even before our awareness of them arose (the Q intellect?). we simply
were not aware of them all until we as a species were able to take advantage
of a seemingly low value situation, world-wide catastrophy, and recognize it
as Dynamic Quality in disguise, and a means to enhance our awareness. of
course, this recognition didnt take place on a conscious level of our
beings, but deep within the conceptual unknown.

i dont mean to wander so far from the discussion, but if these wanderings
can conceivably bring us closer to an understanding of the MOQ, i will share
them in that hope.

best wishes to all,


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