LS Re: Four levels of being

Magnus Berg (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 04:47:04 +0100

Hi Diana and Squad

You wrote:
> Sorry to spoil your fun Magnus but a computer disk is inorganic value
> and nothing else. Value is the same as experience or awareness. The
> disk
> must experience intellectual value to be classified as such. If not,
> then it's inorganic and so are any patterns on the disk. It may have
> been mediated by the intellectual level, but it's still inorganic.
So why was it such a disaster when the library of Alexandria burned
to the ground? It wasn't just a house and some paper that was lost,
it was thousands of volumes filled with the ideas of living and dead
thinkers. It was the countless intellectual patterns stored in
those books that was lost, everything else could be replaced.


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