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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 00:55:19 +0100

Maggie, Jonathan and LS,
  Your posts usually help me to clarify my own understanding, even if I
don't agree with you 100%.
Jonathan wrote:

"all PoV are defined by
interactions and relationships between things"

Clark wrote:

  In my view we are the product of an unbroken chain of Patterns of Value
right from the beginning until now. Those static latches which took side
paths from the direct path toward humanity are a part of our universal
reality and as such are still a part of the unbroken chain. DQ will still
be prompting higher value static latches right up until the solar system
  I regard what I see as the current conflict between universal value and
human value to be a path toward higher universal morality. I can envision a
future in which humanity fully understands its position in the universe and
is an undeviating force for higher universal morality. Think how many
philosophical problems, not to mention psychological problems, that will
  I regard the four SPoV levels as an artifact to aid discussion and
explanation. I think Maggie does also even if she has not come to the point
of realization yet. Ken

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